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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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southbound lanes have reopened. meantime, we have reached out to the italian consulate to see if they have more information. they tell us they are aware of the accident and working to gather more information. we're live today in monroe county randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. well today's crash happened along this same stretch of interstate where singer gloria estefan was hurt in 1990. a tractor-trailer crashed into her tour bus. she suffered a broken vertebrae in that crash. >> count on nbc 10 bring you new information on the pennsylvania bus crash. right now on the nbc 10 news app, video and pictures from witnesses who saw the aftermath firsthand. developing now, a bucks county mother under arrest. >> investigators say she gave two underage kids booze and then took a sex video of them. deanna durante spent much of the day getting details on the case. >> tell us about the case that
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the investigators laid out in the last hour. >> yeah just within the last few minutes, that mother was taken to the bucks county prison unable to post bail. the judge says he has a responsibility to protect other children and that is why he issued a $50,000 bail. that woman unable to post 10% of that bail after police say she gave kids alcohol and condoms and then filmed them in explicit sexual acts. >> reporter: she didn't say anything as she headed into court. police say they have viewed a sexually graphic video made inside her house depicting two kwhirn in various sexual acts. one of the kids is laughing, joking about taking his medication with beer. they were alerted two days after it was made. and it shows pancake syrup being poured on the 11-year-old. and then the two kiss all at the instruction of moseley. >> reporter: now, investigators also tell us that they did
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interview both of those minors and both kids told police that moseley bought them the condom so they could have sex. also, in those court papers we've learned that moseley, apparently, also engaged those kids in that sexual act and that it was a tip that led police to that videotape. we'll fill you in tonight at 5:00. for now, live in lower south hampton township, nbc 10 news. philadelphia police shot a man after they say he turned toward them with a gun. this happened near 54th and hazel hurst. the man in stable telephone at the hospital. officers recover the weapon. they're searching for a second man. >> several people were hurt in this crash on i-95 and south philadelphia late this morning. a car and a van collided. several lanes were closed while crews worked to close that scene. the road is now back open.
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police are calling in reinforcements to solve a string of suspicious fires on the same block in one delaware county community. we told you about the latest fire last night, breaking news at 11:00. >> in all, there have been three separate fires in the same neighborhood in chester since late friday night. the fires have chased more than two dozen families from their homes. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with nbc 10's drew smith live on the scene in chester. >> investigators are calling these fires suspicious but they're stopping short of saying someone intentionally set them? >> that's right. investigators with state and local arson units are reviewing evidence right now. they're not quite ready to label in arson at this point. take a look this has been a nightmare for these neighbors. way down on the end, you see a badly damaged home. that was friday night. couple of days later the homes to the left of that also burned and then finally last night.
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>> this is what's left of william william william william william yates home. a couple days later the place burned down from a new fire. as he begins to clean up, he wonders if it's worth it. >> we want to come back in here and put the roof and stuff back on to redo it. take your chance on somebody burning up the house again. >> today, all of chester city council plus the police and fire departments asked neighbors to help them put a stop to this by reporting anything suspicious. >> but for the grace of god, there's been no injuries. >> the red cross is helping 28 people forced out of their homes. >> this is bizarre. >> volunteers say they've never had to come back out night after night for separate fires on the same block. they say the emotions of the victims are all over the place. >> they're scared they're confused, they don't know what's going on. >> donte davis says he worries for his parents and the families who are still sleeping in the homes here since these fires keep happening late at night.
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>> we need more police more security. firefighters are also going door to door and they'll return here tomorrow. we're working on that part of the story. we'll tell you ahead at 5:30 why they're so worried about other homes in the neighborhood. nbc 10 news. >> a cool cloudy june day down the shore. live sky cam network showing the scene in cape may this wednesday afternoon. >> it's a real great picture down there. not as dreary up in the poconos. let's take a live look right now the a camel beach. closed today. hopefully conditions improve and the resort opens up for business on saturday. let's find out what we can shake this wet weather pattern. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz with the outlook. we're trying to find the sun and warmer weather. where is it? >> well we're going to have to wait a little bit more. it's not going to be coming in
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tomorrow. you notice how much nicer it is up in the poconos than it is down toward the shore. and in between, philadelphia area citizen bank park for the game tonight, it's just cloudy. and on the cool side. we haven't really gotten any rain. you can see the drier air to the north. the clouds to the south it's thicker, the farther south you go, and that's where the rain has been, mostly sussex county, delaware, and cape may, generally light rain. but that east wind continues and so that's keeping temperatures in the 60s little bit of sunshine in the lehigh valley. but for the most part, it is a cloudy evening and it is going to be a cloudy night and it's going to be a cloudy day tomorrow. i'll let you know when the sun will be coming back out look ahead to the weekend with the 7-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. well, 20 minutes of nonstop news
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continuing with judgment day for a convicted cop killer. >> the case we've been following for three years. today a philadelphia judge sentenced rafael jones to life in prison without the chance of parole. it's for the 2012 murder of officer moses walker shot to death heading home after working his shift. doug shimell in the courtroom for today's sentencing and he has reaction. >> no remorse today in court? >> yeah. exactly. and many defendants at least pretend they're sorry. raphael jones didn't at least try. >> through tears, officer moses walker's mother pointed at her son's killer in court and told him he should rot in hell. >> he's going to do life in prison. i'm happy about that. >> reporter: he was being sentenced for robbing and killing the police veteran as he walked home from work in 2012. his friend and fellow officer gave an emotional account of the
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scene. >> there's nothing you can do to save them. it affects you a lot. >> just before the judge gave him life in prison without parole he read a statement questioning the judge's authority to impose the sentence and expressed no remorse. >> if there's any remorse, the shooter should be the person that expresses remorse. >> should he have said it that way instead of the way he did? >> well, i can't speak for him. >> a prayer circle led by officer walker's mother. >> it was a horrible senseless brutal killing. his life has been one long unabated crime spree. but as i said the wheels of justice grind slow, but grind fine. >> the co-defendant had accepted a 20 to 40-year plea deal in
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exchange for his testimony. live in center city, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> doug, thank you very much. take a look at this 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a crane worker injured in east falls. a worker cutting down trees at penn charter school this morning when the crane flipped and the man fell. emergency crews took the man to einstein medical center for head, shoulder, back and facial injuries. to this now, delaware is preparing to say good-bye to beau biden. >> leaders are expecting a big turnout as they mourn the loss of the former state attorney general. tim furlong is live where funeral services will be held. >> and there's a lot of careful coordination going on here because of the large crowds expected for that in other events that, well, coincidentally are happening at the same time. >> it's a big beautiful church.
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a great place for a big funeral. its only problem, really it sits between narrow streets very little parking. you throw in public viewings and major funeral with the president of the united states and a couple big festivals. >> the area is tight. >> yeah, it's crowded. >> and friday and saturday it'll be a traffic and parking nightmare. >> well nightmare, i don't know, i call it a challenge. >> reporter: she's the principal a few blocks away. she asked what her school can do to help. >> he said i think parking. i said you got it. >> reporter: the school is closed friday and saturday. the principal happy to help the bidens. a busy time in a busy neighborhood. secret service is everywhere. police choppers up above. the church itself is decked out in streamers. the school's massive italian festival starts the day after the funeral. the inside of the church will be
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somber, outside, it looks like a carnival. >> i think he'd like it. >> summer weekends are typically busy, but this saturday. >> i'm willing to be closed. >> he's willing to close up shop if it means helping one of his favorite customers and his family. >> i think it's going to be a tremendous number of people because everybody loves joe. and his family. >> now, coming up at 5:30, we'll take you up the street here to st. francis hospital to see how they're preparing for the funeral plans, then we'll go to the greek festival. it's a big deal here in wilmington, but they're actually changing their plans this year just to show respect and help out the bidens and all who are coming here to support them. that's at 5:30. for now, live outside st. anthony's church. nbc 10 news. >> thank you, tim. beau biden will lie in honor at legislative hall in dover tomorrow from 1:00 until 5:00 in the afternoon. it'll be open to the public.
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on friday there'll be two public viewings at st. anthony. from 1:00 to 4:00 and again at 6:00 to 9:00 at night. the funeral mass will be saturday morning, president obama will deliver the eulogy. one person was hurt when a house caught fire overnight. the fire started just before 3:00 on charles avenue in pleasantville. dispatchers tell nbc 10, a victim was taken to the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation. investigators are still searching for the cause. an early morning fire you can see smoke there. the fire started here just after 6:30. waited tables in honor of one of their own who died in the line of duty. the fire department is honoring a lunch, holding a dinner fundraiser today at johnny's italian restaurant.
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the deputy commissioner serving as waiters and bus staff. the proceeds will benefit the 11-year-old son and infant daughter of lieutenant joyce craig. craig was the first female firefighter in philadelphia to die in the line of duty. she became trapped in the basement of a burning row home in west oak lane in december. an elderly woman was later rescued from that fire. >> it's always important to support your own. you know, she's one of us. they're one of us. and so johnny wanted to do this and we agreed. i said, we're here to help. >> and listen to this there's still time for you to enjoy a meal and help out this great cause. it's $30 a person firefighters will be serving dinner until 9:00 tonight. an alleged victim of convicted child molester jerry sandusky wants a court to file charges. the man says the abuse happened in the late '80s. today his attorney filed an appeal naming kathleen kane and two of her senior deputies.
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the appeal says kane's office met with the man in april after which state prosecutors determined the allegations were too old to be viable under the statute of limitations. sandusky's lawyer says the former football coach denies the man's claim. we have new video showing the final moments of a chinese ship that capsized monday night carrying more than 400 people onboard. closed circuits camera footage you're seeing here from a passing ship captured the last minutes of the sunken cruiseship in bad weather. only 14 bodies recovered so far and 14 people have been found alive. china's weather bureau said a tornado touched down near the area where the ship was cruising. officials now are describing it as china's worst maritime disaster in decades. back here in our area two south jersey mayors searching reelection lost in yesterday's primary. civic activist harry fein unseated james fizzone in the
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republican primary then in paulsboro gary stevenson defeated mayor hamilton in the democratic primary. mayor hamilton pleaded guilty to drunk driving charges. his driver's license was suspended. as mayor, hamilton had to deal with the aftermath of the train derailment that linked a dangerous gas to the community in 2012. a one-time republican is expected to throw his hat in the ring for the democratic nomination for president. former rhode island governor lincoln chafee began his career in the gop. later became an independent, then joined the democratic party 2 years ago. he is expected to announce his bid during a speech in arlington, virginia. while he would join the three others that already declared their candidacy. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley. right now, there are nine republican candidates in the race. senators ted cruz rand paul marco rubio and lindsey graham. also rick santorum.
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dr. ben carson carly fiorina, mike huckabee and george pataka. chris christie blasting the sweeping changes being made to surveillance laws that will eliminate the national security agency's bulk phone records collection program. christie says the changes will make the country less safe. the changes approved by congress yesterday will overhaul the program by keeping records in phone companies' hands. the nsa will continue to sweep our text messages e-mails, internet posts, searches. the laws were enacted after the september 11th attacks. fire hazard has forced apple to recall more than 200,000 of the beats portable wireless speakers. the battery in the speakers can overheat. apple has received eight reports of incidents, including one where a user's finger was burned. then there is this amazon rolling out free shipping for nonprime members on smaller items like phone cases and
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cosmetics. there's no minimum purchase required and items will ship in three to four days. prime members pay $99 a year for the service and receive purchases in two days. well all through may, it's too hot, it's too dry. and now that it's june it's too cold, and it's too wet. things have changed dramatically. we've got a cloudy chill out there continuing, even though we didn't have very much rain today. the showers will be returning to at least part of the area. and we do have brighter conditions over the weekend. it's not exactly picture perfect, but it's better than the last three days. we have a lot of clouds around but the clouds are not as low as they were yesterday, we don't have the rain we had yesterday, so it's not as cold it's 69 degrees, the winds east at 10. 12 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. but it's still 10 degrees below average for this time of the
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year. back on sunday, it was 92. yesterday's high 58 the coldest june day since 1972. it has been a total reversal. how much of a reversal. in may, 6.2 degrees above normal for temperatures so far in june, 6.1 below. and the opposite with rain too. 2 inches below average already for rain. now, let's take a look at temperatures as warmer to the north, colder to the south, again, as expected 57 degrees in wildwood. that is nasty. 58 in avalon 58 in lewis. with that wind coming in off the ocean and the rain and the clouds, it's another really nasty day at the shore. maybe we'll make up for it later in the summer. we can see the thicker clouds from philly southward, the sunshine farther to the north, and very light showers down in
4:19 pm
sussex county delaware and around cape may. but as far as the reporting stations, the only places reporting sunshine, poconos, al allen allentown and a little bit in trenton now. the drier air starting to come down hour by hour. but eventually some of the moisture from the south is trying to come back. at the moment the dry air's winning, but tonight, the clouds are going to win again. so it'll get cloudier the clouds will get lower to the ground we may see some showers, with a little bit of drizzle later on tonight, first thing in the morning. so when you wake up tomorrow, it's probably going to be looking on the gloomy side. but not quite as bad as yesterday. cloudy with a chance of light rain. or drizzle later tonight. temperatures into the mid-50s. not much variation across the area. tomorrow cloudy and cool with a chance of showers. probably little cooler than today. and then things get a little bit closer to average, still a
4:20 pm
lot of clouds around on friday. 73 for the high more sunshine over the weekend. still a chance of some showers on saturday. temperatures closer to average, and we don't get back into the 80s, perhaps, until next week. >> well glenn, thank you very much. well today, your chance to scoop up a potential deal. >> local properties going on the auction block and the bidding starts at just a couple thousand dollars. plus this. >> this is the largest economic development project in the history of boston township. >> help wanted. the big local project taking shape in our region right now and how you can turn it into your own personal moneymaker. and new at 4:30. worth the gamble. the flash and dazzle of a brand new casino in the region. why some say this could be a blessing and a curse. and later high heel hurt. the pain and suffering you don't have to experience. and what the experts say you can do to cure yourself of
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more than 100 formally delinquent properties in philadelphia are about to hit the auction block. the hope is the auction will help generate revenue for the city and put the delinquent properties back on the tax roll. the auction will take place next friday, june 12th, more than 183 properties will be available. opening bids depending on the property. there is a bit of a catch. >> the person has to redevelop the property within 18 months the property does not get redeveloped it would go back to the city of philadelphia than a future purchase. >> you can see a complete list of the properties on nbc and our news app. the fate of governor tom
4:25 pm
wolf's choice to leave the pennsylvania state police is now in the hands of the state senate. republicans grill the colonel marcus brown about his position on gun control and the death penalty during a hearing today. they also asked about his decision to wear the troopers uniform even though he didn't attend the academy. they will determine if he can serve as the full permanent commissioner or in an acting capacity. now, back to the breaking news. >> two tractor-trailers and a tour bus collide in the poconos. three people are dead. more than a dozen others injured in the collision along interstate 380 in monroe county. tourists from italy were onboard that tour bus. >> new at 4:30 casino concerns this could be the new kid in town. why some are betting it could be a bigger winner while others fear it could spell the end for them. well have you had enough rain could be even more on the way. i'll tell when to expect it and when the warmer temperatures will return.
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we're following breaking news in monroe county. that's where two tractor-trailers collided with a tour bus on i-380. the northbound lanes between the mt. pocono expert are shut down. ripped the trailer apart. police tell us three people died, including the bus driver. more than a dozen are hurt. the bus company says a group of italian tourists are onboard. we'll have an update for you at 5:00. >> also at 4:030. the taking the wraps off plans that could take the struggling casino industry north.
4:30 pm
and could put the halls in a bigger bind. today, one company showed off the casino blueprint. >> it'd be the first casino outside of atlantic city. hardrock laid out their plans for just outside of new york city. expert says it could be among the most successful in the country, and there could be even more casinos built up up north. nbc 10's jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg was there today and explains what comes next. >> we're not looking to build slots in a box. >> the debut of glitzy images showcasing a proposed hard rock casino at meadowlands racetrack in north jersey came today with plenty of talk about helping a struggling atlantic city. >> we're going to offer jobs to the people out of work in atlantic city. >> developers say their casino just outside new york city could generate $400 million in tax revenues a year with some of
4:31 pm
that money used to help rebuild atlantic city. >> this is not a fight between north jersey and south jersey. this is good for the state of new jersey. >> atlantic county assemblyman says after four casino closures in 2014, the last thing atlantic city needs is new competition from within new jersey. >> we were hit hard in the last year or so. and we need to stay focused on atlantic city. >> today's announcement comes two days after north jersey lawmakers introduced a bill that would put a question on the november ballot asking voters to decide if up to three casinos should be allowed in the northern part of the state. currently, new jersey's constitution only allows gaming in ac. >> this is about creating new additional revenues. this is the way we save atlantic city. >> the developers say if they get their way, they'll go into immediate construction and could be up and running with a casino here by some time next summer or early fall.
4:32 pm
at the meadowlands, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> we have new information about a montgomery county man accused of videotaping women in dressing rooms at the beach and through apartment windows. shawn moses pleaded guilty to charges including child sex abuse. police began investigating moses last september. he was arrested at his home in march. a businessman charged with molesting boys at a delaware ice arena faces up to nine years in prison. 48-year-old scott bicking pleaded no contest to charges. he was arrested in september 2013 after a 14-year-old boy volunteering at the pond ice arena in newark delaware told his father about alleged inappropriate contact. sentencing for bicking is set for september. a philadelphia city councilman reacts today to reports that a group of women is attacking people in his district.
4:33 pm
more than 200 neighbors gathered for a protest in south philly last night. they claim the group of women was attacked several people and police were slow to take action. it's important to get the right information out to the community to keep people calm. >> the worst possible thing is you know some people get really upset. and then what happens is, create another issue on top of the issue that happened. and then once things escalate even more damage can be done. >> the councilman says they're still waiting to find out if charges will be filed or warrants will be issued. building better relationships over a cup of coffee. officers from the police department met with members of the community at the dunkin donuts this morning. police say no questions from the community were off limits. >> they can ask any questions. and if i don't know the answer, i'll find the answer. if i don't have the right resource for them i'll direct them to resource or find that resource. we'll follow up with those people to help solve their problems.
4:34 pm
>> this morning's event is one of several community policing events across the country. >> tell you what renee, the calendar says june but it doesn't feel like. it was a cool and cloudy, long sleeve, long pants kind of day. the big question now, what about tonight. >> that's right. do we need a coat, glenn? nbc 10's glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with more. >> well a little bit of a coat. i got one today and i'm glad i have it. and tonight, might need a little bit of an umbrella, too. parts of the area will be some showers. now, the least likely place to get the clouds and the rain is the pocono mountains. we've got blue sky up there. it's not like that across most of the rest of the area. 66 in mt. pocono while it's 57 degrees in wildwood. makes a big difference when you've got that wind coming in off the ocean and the low
4:35 pm
clouds. 69 in allentown, 68 degrees in trenton right now. and that's one of the warmer spots because the clouds are thinner up there and thicker down to the south. still a little bit of light rain there and starting to creep up to the north. and so, i think, that it may start to make some progress there. and that is going to affect parts of the area later tonight. so it could get a little damp later on this evening. not in the next couple of hours the temperatures don't really drop a whole lot tonight, but they're not that high to begin with. and then, we'll see how much it'll warm up and if the sun will return with the 7-day in a few minutes. >> that's glenn. he's made millions in the big leagues. >> that's right. local celebrity athlete making his mark on the big screen. we'll show you how. plus this. >> 800 jobs about to open in south jersey. the business ready to hire and how you can apply.
4:36 pm
and next, suffering from shoes. the pattern of pain just from wearing high heels and the exercises you should be doing to spare yourself. and all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00 racing for the triple crown. this horse could do it. ahead, hear from smarty jones' trainer and the filly that came close to winning it all.
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wearers do strengthening exercises like toe tappers, heel raisers and heel walking. >> take a look at this celebrity sightings in langhorn bucks county. third graders portrayed famous scientists politicians, athletes and astronaut right there. for their living wax museum the exhibit with a history lesson for students and visitors. >> he was a skilled man, and he would never give up. he would try his best to do everything that he can. and would never give up. >> second graders at walter miller and samuel everetts school competed in the reading olympics. the students were quizzed on some of their favorite books they've read since the beginning of the school year. very cute there. to this though lights, camera, action. and baseball. >> turns out, well they're all connected, at least for one local sports celebrity. >> it was cool.
4:41 pm
it was you know everybody that was like really, really cool. >> ryan howard goes hollywood. the big screen production starring the phills' slugger, and how he was told to pull off his latest act. well getting a little brighter out there. but more rain is on the way. conditions are going to be improving overall. find out when in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert 7-day forecast.
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tonight, one of the more anticipated movies of the summer hits the big screen. >> "entourage" is the movie that features four friends living the hollywood life. our own version of vinny chase. john clark joins us from comcast sportsnet's newsroom. >> uh-oh. >> this hits close to home. >> are you kidding me? i take care of everything for
4:45 pm
keith jones. well you are right. five years ago, phillies slugger ryan howard made a cameo on "entourage." and athletes make a lot of guest appearances on there. the movie is no different. some of the athletes featured in the movie, patriots tom brady and rob gronkowski. the main characters remain the same as they were when ryan howard made his cameo. to reflect on his chance to be part of the entourage party. >> it was cool you know everybody, it was like really, really cool. it's just a unique experience to be able to be part of a show that had so much popularity. and everybody's going to want to go out and see the movie. i think people were calling for it. so you know, all their calls have been answered and got to go check it out. >> ryan does plan to see the
4:46 pm
movie. we also asked him whether he was given a script when he was on the show. he said he was, but he was also directed to act naturally, something that comes pretty easy for ryan howard. coming up in about an hour shawn mccoy talks for the first time since he accused chip kelly of getting rid of all of the good black players on the eagles. it was very interesting. for now, i'm john clark, see you then. >> thanks john. well from hollywood to south philadelphia. ryan howard and the phills hoping to make it two in a row against the reds in citizen's bank park. last night, they needed their umbrellas and ponchos. >> what about tonight? let's talk to glenn "hurricane" schwartz what can we expect, glenn? >> well, i will say it's tremendously better than last night's weather. that was miserable. we had a steady rain. it was cold it was windy. all right, tonight, it's kind of chilly, kind of cloudy.
4:47 pm
but you may get through the whole game without any rain at all. so i wouldn't let the weather stop me today. now the temperature, well it's been pretty chilly. it was really chilly yesterday. today, well so far, a high 69 degrees. tomorrow, we may lose a few degrees. 65 as the clouds thicken up. but we're starting to go back again, by friday, 73, by saturday 77. we may not get back into the 80s until next week. but at least the high is going to be higher than 58 like it was yesterday yesterday. it's 10 to 15 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday from philadelphia northward just few degrees warmer in dover. and right at the beaches, it's the same misery that it has been. look at those thick clouds there in cape may county and sussex county. the clouds have been thinning out a bit from philadelphia
4:48 pm
northward, the farther north you are, the more sunshine you've had. and that has helped push the temperature up. but the rain continues down south. now, this is just some little light sprinkles or a little drizzle, is not a big deal like we saw yesterday or on monday. but the trend is moving up toward the north. so the dry air was coming down today, now the moisture starts moving back to the north. so i think that might be a sign and could be a little bit of light rain or drizzle in parts of the philadelphia area before midnight. but it would be mostly after midnight i think, because everything is moving very very slowly. you can see 10:00, 11:00, some of the very very light echoes there as we come through. we're not talking about a lot of rain tonight. there could be drizzle in the morning along with the low clouds. it probably will be looking a bit darker tomorrow morning than it did this morning.
4:49 pm
the clouds will be a little bit lower to the ground. now, when we have cloudy skies, a chance of a little bit of light rain or drizzle later tonight. temperatures in the mid-50s with the east wind continuing and the east wind and northeast wind continues tomorrow. so you can't really warm up much and you can't get a lot of sunshine. cloudy and cool chance of a few showers. highs in the mid 60s. the average high 79 for this time of the year. well, friday a little bit milder, but still a fair amount of clouds. saturday, mix of sun and clouds and still a chance of a couple of showers. as the temperature gradually creeps up as the wind direction changes a little. so the east wind stops and that allows the temperature to go back up to near average and then when you start getting the west wind like early next week that might allow us to get into the 80s. the most likely time for significant rain looks like it would be next monday. so not over the weekend.
4:50 pm
>> all right. thank you, glenn. today, ready, set apply. >> the new opportunities for job seekers in our area. the local businesses still under construction. but looking to the future. and in need of 800 new workers. nbc 10 tells you where you need to go to submit your application. >> then all new at 5:00 ex-eagle mccoy is talking about his former coach. what he's saying today about controversial comments about race.
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there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv. starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. or from now until june 13th get a $400 visa prepaid card when you sign a 2 year agreement. go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v the help wanted signs are going up. >> the area's newest shopping destination is getting closer to the grand opening but they need workers to staff their stores. the gloucester premium outlet's
4:54 pm
open this summer just off the black horse pike in blackwood. they'll have 90 stores there. this week, they announce some of the merchants moving in. they're looking to hire some 800 workers. nbc 10's south jersey reporter cydney long shows us what perspective employees need to know. >> the buzz around town is very exciting. so it's just going to be a great place to come and play and shop. >> and don't forget work. with nearly 400,000 square feet the gloucester premium outlets has some 800 job openings. managers associate managers, sales associates should start lining up. the massive center set to boast its grand opening on august 13th. >> this is the largest economic development project in the history of gloucester township. >> reporter: retailers will hold a job fair with 50 store representatives ready for applications and interviews next friday as a neighboring camden
4:55 pm
county college. >> we've announced 27 stores. we have banana republic factory outlet, axarmani exchange. >> it's not only about creating 800 jobs but also an economic catalyst that this project brings to gloucester township. >> nearby shopping centers already making improvements and adding anchor stores and restaurants creating jobs. >> it provides the basis for a family and for shopping. it sustains the businesses. >> encouraging expansion. >> the college is looking at the feasibility of doing dorms. at a community college because they have a partnership with rutgers university. >> and encouraging people to shop close to home. >> it encourages people to shop locally. you don't have to drive. you can access the stores here. >> and if you don't think a little goes a long way, camden county tells me if every family spends even $10 locally, it generates $35 million back into the economy annually. >> i hope in the future that it
4:56 pm
will bring a lot of people to shopping here to help us keep our taxes low. >> from blackwood, cydney long nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here's jacqueline london. >> thank you. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00 we continue to follow breaking news from the scene of a deadly crash between two tractor-trailers and a tour bus in the poconos. a live report just ahead. also new at 5:00 shady mccoy stands by his comments about race involving his former coach chip kelly. what he's saying today about it and why his exchange with reporters got ugly. and another cloudy day. just not as chilly, more rain comesing comeing in the forecast. the timing coming up. and this weekend, we could have a triple crown winner. it's a rare feat in horse racing. just ask the man who worked with philadelphia's smarty jones. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
now at 5:00, assessing the damage after this deadly crash. mangled wreckage shows the aftermath from the scene. a tour bus and two tractor-trailers slammed into each other in the poconos. three people were killed in the wreck. >> more than a dozen others were injured. some of them were knocked unconscious from the collision. and we're working to learn how seriously it all happened this morning around 10:00 along interstate 380.
5:00 pm
that's in monroe county. traffic in both directions of i-380 closed for hours. one lane of the interstate is back open tonight. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at that scene. randy? >> reporter: and more than six hours later, that northbound lane here remains completely shut down. this is interstate 380, a major link here in the poconos shut down to northbound traffic as investigators work to figure out how exactly this deadly accident happened. helicopters land in the middle of this rural stretch of highway, transporting the most critically injured passengers after a semitruck and a charter bus collide at high speed. >> this all happened. people screaming, crying everywhere. >> the aftermath devastating. at least three vehicles involved, witnesses describe passengers crawling out of the mangled metal while some remained unconscious stuck inside the bus.


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